RDKONEL’s goal here is to improve the online education and bridge the world opportunity for all: improving the quality of online teaching & learning, and the quality of online employability promoting universal education and culture exchange between partners schools in US and around the world.

We believe in making good things possible through our partnership platform

Online students Retrait camp

RDKONEL online students camp is a new way to increases the world interest in online education while building New Ways for youths from around the world to Work Together on the cause that affect everyone.

Join the RDKONEL 2022 Learning Retreat Camp. Find out more

A new way to foster online learning and teaching..

Online Teachers Leadership camp

RDKONEL Online Teachers Leadership camp is a semestriel conference created to inspire, empower, and connect online teachers from across the world. Teachers will identify and address online learning issue.

Virtual School Management Camp

Accredited schools leaders from around the world will work together to formulate principles and policies to better manage online schooling and learn how to continually improve the online teaching. They will also work together to create a strategy that will help low and no income students from around the world to enroll in accredited schools. Find out more

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we will have only one camp conference and the rest will be via virtual conference. All online conference participants will be contacted about our camps conference, and will also receive priority consideration for future traveling opportunities..

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