Join the RDKONEL 2022 Learning Retreat Camp

RDKONEL online students academic retreat camp is created to Increase mutual understanding between the youths from around the world and help them how to:

  • Enhance their online learning and get the most out of it     
  • Advance their studies and interest in the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world such as humanities, environments, sciences, mart, language-arts, and technology through observation and experiment.                                   
  • Work Together on the cause that affects everyone such as: developing projects that will transform human’s relationship with nature and their environment.

Our Learning Environment

RDKONEL provides an enriching blend of academic opportunities and social engagement for online students in a healthy positive learning environment for middle and high school, as well as college.


Our mission is to increase youths’ interest in online learning while assisting in the development of peaceful relations between youths from around the world.

Want to get more infos? Please feel out form, and we will get back to you

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