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We help create an environment that promotes interest in Online Learning & Teaching Collaboration.

Our consulting service provides reform management services to both public and private entities with a broad-range of specialized services to help governments and non-governmental institution make the most of their reform investments. Some of the areas we work in are: research design, program development, implementation, instructional system design; infrastructure management; professional development and training. Through our services, we assist our customers to better integrate the technology needs for the global economy force by updating there learning, teaching, and / services environment.

VISION: To deliver successful outcomes that facilitate and foster online teaching and learning.

MISSION: To help envision and execute your end-to-end transformation at speed and at scale.


Rdkonel accomplishes it mission as it work to attains the following objectives:

  1. To transform our partners business by bringing them innovative ideas every day.
  2. To work alongside with our partners by offering relevant analyzes and a wide range of skills helping them to reach new heights.
  3. To research and create a healthy, nurturing, challenging, creative and engaging environment that: 1) Cultivate Partners’ desire by offering them outstanding leadership programs that meet their aspirations; 2) Facilitate partner’s immersion around the world in the environment that will enable them to share and exchange ideas, and to cope in a more confident way with the challenges of the future.

Our services

From the creation of the project to training, deployment and set-up

Our Reform Services

We provide reform services such as research design, program development, implementation, instructional system design; technology infrastructure management; professional development, training, and assessment to both public and private entities. In the process, we ensure the respect of deadlines and set budgets.

Our Reform Services

We reassess, analyze the system in place, and effectively assess current programs to better ensure the same failures do not recur. Thus bringing forward a positive approach to our strategies design and taking into account the realities in place.

We develop and deliver

We develop, implement, integrate, and evaluate the reform programs based on the needs of our customers and provide services in such competitive sectors as curriculum development, training, professional and technical information, and assessment.


Our vision realization will occur through diverse activities facilitating both mission and strategic goals. —- READ MORE

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